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Jammin' January

Jammin’ January

January is off to a jammin’ start! We have the ACNL conference coming up and some other fun things ahead as well.  Take a look below for some “desk”ercises, and healthy helpful tips!


Sometimes working out when you work from 8-5 can be challenging, below are a few of exercises you can do at your desk or on a break! For the complete list click on the link
The Slog, Then Jog
Instead of slogging away for hours nonstop, take a mini break for a stationary jog. Pop up from your chair and jog in place. Want to add a little more? Pick up those knees! Continue for one minute, return to spreadsheets, and repeat.
The Lunch Break Hammy
Strengthen the hamstrings with this standing leg curl. Stand behind your chair and hold onto it for support. Gently kick one foot back, aiming the heel for the top of your thigh. Lower the foot back down and repeat exercise with the other leg. Do 10 reps, take a bite of your lunch, and then do 10 more.
A Few Health Tips to Stay Healthy this Winter

  • Keep your hands clean- Be sure to wash your hands well and often
  • Cover up- Make sure your nose and mouth are covered when you sneeze or cough
  • Stay home- If you start developing symptoms, stay home! This will help minimize spreading the sickness around

Health News Corner
According to a study from MedicineNet eating hot chili peppers may help extend your life. Researchers analyzed data from more than 16,000 Americans who were followed for an average of nearly 19 years and found that hot red chili pepper consumption was associated with a 13 percent lower risk of death.

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