Moore & Associates | Executive Leadership Solutions
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Executive Leadership Solutions

PDP, Professional DynaMetric Programs

At Moore & Associates we use PDP, a world leader in workforce research and development. Founded in 1978, PDP® solves one of management’s toughest challenges, increasing performance and profitability through:

  1. Selecting,
  2. Leading,
  3. Managing,
  4. Keeping and developing the right people.

The PDP® integrated hiring, management and development system evolved through statistically-based surveys of more than 5,000,000 people in thousands of organizations.

PDP®’s integrated applications for businesses optimize employees’ professional growth to spur the corporation’s effectiveness and, ultimately, profitability. Partner with PDP® the leading provider of results-oriented management systems for businesses today, and tomorrow.

People focused, data driven

Professional DynaMetric Programs’ analysis uses a series of survey instruments that are the foundation of a sophisticated scientific system to measure each individual’s behavioral traits and characteristics.

The basic building block is data from ProScan®, a quick, simple and reliable personal survey that asks the subject to respond to key descriptive adjectives. Despite its apparent simplicity, ProScan® is a sophisticated instrument that reveals considerable insight into the person’s work style.

JobScan® looks at a position and determines the characteristics best suited to perform the tasks involved, providing a new way to examine candidates that goes beyond experience.

The art of team-building gets a new face with TeamScan®, which assembles the individual profiles of team members to show the strengths of a group. TeamScan® identifies deficiencies that companies can resolve by adding a key member, thus balancing the personality traits of the team members.



Language translations

PDP® survey instruments are available in the following languages:

* English             * Chinese        * French (France)           * German

* Japanese          * Indonesian    * Norwegian                  * Philippine

* Portuguese       * Spanish         * Russian                      * Turkish

* Vietnamese